Three Ways That Physiotherapy Helps with Concussion Recovery

To say that most people are unaware of the role physiotherapy plays in concussion management would be an understatement. I often receive confused looks when concussion patients step into my office, wondering how physio is going to somehow physically or magically whisk their concussion symptoms away.  The good news is physiotherapy really can help get your head right after a concussion.

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New Clients can save time on checking in

We gather a detailed history of your concerns, previous treatments and tests.
We provide a comprehensive assessment including evaluation of your posture, spine motion, muscle flexibility, strength, balance and nerve function.
We provide a diagnosis of your condition.
We have a discussion of your needs, goals and development of a care plan.
We do a Initial treatment aimed at reducing pain / muscle spasm, restoring motion and improving strength.
We give you a home program to enable you to improve between visits.

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