Exciting News from Summit Physiotherapy


As a valued client I am excited to inform you that Summit Sport Physiotherapy has been acquired by Lifemark Health, the nations leading provider of rehabilitation and sport medicine services. After a number of rewarding years in our current roles Sandra is looking forward to focusing more on her various equestrian rehabilitation projects. For my part I am excited to focus on developing sport specific programming within the clinic.

It has been a privilege to serve you and our communities for more than two decades, and our new relationship with Lifemark will enable the same group of skilled therapists to provide even wider range of services.

Sandra and I, along with Caroline, Alissa, Mike, and Tyler will continue to provide a wide range of physiotherapy and massage services. In addition, with support from Lifemark, we have enhanced our Dizziness and Concussion treatment program.

This fall we will launch our sport medicine program offering local athletes elite level treatment services including; priority booking, fast track sport medicine physician referrals, and reduced cost diagnostic imaging services.

As we look forward to new opportunities to serve you better, we would like to take a moment to thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your family over these many years. We look forward to keeping you moving well into the future.

Kind Regards,
Bob Dunlop


Office Wellness

If you are not healthy you don’t get the most out of life. Often people think of health as simply the absence of disease or sickness. However it is helpful to view health, or wellness as a dynamic interaction between your body, mind and spirit. Our state of wellness is affected by decisions we make regarding our work, recreation, and lifestyle. Credible information and effective support can help individuals restore or enhance their well being.

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New Clients can save time on checking in

We gather a detailed history of your concerns, previous treatments and tests.
We provide a comprehensive assessment including evaluation of your posture, spine motion, muscle flexibility, strength, balance and nerve function.
We provide a diagnosis of your condition.
We have a discussion of your needs, goals and development of a care plan.
We do a Initial treatment aimed at reducing pain / muscle spasm, restoring motion and improving strength.
We give you a home program to enable you to improve between visits.

Download your own client intake form that you can fill in before your first visit.

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