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How I found Physiotherapy as a career

It was the start of my second year on the University of Waterloo Warriors men’s soccer team. Training camp couldn’t have gone better and I had secured a spot in the starting eleven. I was feeling good as the game got under way but could not foresee what was about to happen. Not much happened really. I just planted and pivoted except this time there was a pop.

I had torn my ACL in my knee along with medial and lateral meniscal tears. My season over before it really began. Two months later I had ACL reconstruction surgery and bilateral meniscal repairs. Nine months of hard rehab and I was back for the start of the following year’s training camp. Three games into the regular season I ended up re-tearing both sides of my meniscus, which required another surgery and put an end to another season.

Throughout my two bouts of rehab, I saw many different therapists including a head athletic therapist, a chiropractor and a physiotherapist. I felt like I was improving and was able to get started with the basics however never really felt like I was on track to return for training camp at the level I once was. It wasn’t until I went to work with another physiotherapist out of Toronto that I truly found someone that could help me reach my goals.

I was hesitant to put weight on my injured side still 3 months after my second surgery. My physiotherapist had put two quarters in the freezer and told me put one on the outside of my heel and the other on the ball of my big toe while in bare feet. The cold sensory sensation I felt immediately allowed me to maintain even weight bearing during a body weight squat. This blew my mind and opened my eyes to what is possible through physiotherapy and rehabilitation, specifically the connection between the brain and muscles. It was then and there I knew I wanted to become a physiotherapist.

Despite these two injuries limiting my time on the field, I will always be grateful for them as they helped spark a new passion for rehab. Those experiences helped me to understand what it is like to be on the sidelines, the benefit of finding quality care, and how to put in the work in order to get back to the game you love.


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Client Testimonial – Stacie Willoughby :)

Almost two years ago I severely sprained my ankle in a race. Within three days I began working diligently with a physiotherapist at Summit in High River. Without the knowledge, expertise and care of two amazing physiotherapists in that clinic there’s no way I would have been able to get back out there racing and doing what I love as quickly or as confidently.

They took amazing care of me and also really took the time to listen to my concerns and goals. They put a plan together for me to get me up and running again, which lead to me conquering all my adventure races this year! and for that I owe them big time!

Thank you Summit – Stacie Willoughby


Client Testimonial :) From Frances Teixeira

Thank you to Francis Teixeira for this testimonial.

I was a gymnast and then a coach from a very young age (my mother was a coach) till I was 42 years old when my right knee became unstable. I stayed physically active for another 7 years.
Then, in 2009, I landed on my feet from a “fall” off a horse and my right knee buckled.

MRI results from my right knee:
• Chronic high grade ACL tear
• Old MCL sprain
• Bowing of the LCL
• Healing Lateral Meniscal tear
• Fluid on the proximal tibiofular

I basically had one tendon left in my right knee that wasn’t torn or bowed.

Bob Dunlop from Summit Physio (and the rest of the crew) kept me walking and functioning before surgery.

After surgery, with a huge amount of help and encouragement from Summit Physio, I am able to fully use my right knee. Flexibility and balance were the hardest skills to develop as I had done years of compensating for a weak knee. And without Summit Physio direction I would probably be still favouring the knee as a habit and never try to develop the balance I had lost. I would say that my right knee is now my strongest knee.

I am constantly amazed at the strength, flexibility and balance I have gotten back. My right knee is pain free and strong. I never anticipated the surgery and physio would result in such a successful recovery.

My deepest and most sincere thanks to everyone at Summit Physio,
Frances Teixeira