Summer Time Meal inspiration

Here is a great article on changing things up this summer with your meal planning.

The middle of August is right about when summer starts to get tiring, isn’t it?  An easy way to make things more interesting is to try some new recipes!

Here are 7 healthy summer recipes for you to try out!

Which one is your favorite?


Office Wellness

If you are not healthy you don’t get the most out of life. Often people think of health as simply the absence of disease or sickness. However it is helpful to view health, or wellness as a dynamic interaction between your body, mind and spirit. Our state of wellness is affected by decisions we make regarding our work, recreation, and lifestyle. Credible information and effective support can help individuals restore or enhance their well being.

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Also here is a great read on the importance of having a proper set up at work and at your home office


Work Out Intensity Levels

Work out intensity levels

Anyone who has been told to exercise by their doctor or who has done a quick google search of recommended daily activity has heard the phrase “moderate-intensity physical activity”. But what exactly does that mean?

Exercise intensity is the level of effort used in order to complete the activity; essentially, how hard am I working? This can vary dramatically based on individual fitness level and exercise experience.

Clinically, the intensity of an activity can be measured using Metabolic Equivalents (METs). One MET is the amount of energy used when you are sitting quietly. During moderate intensity activity, the energy used is 3-6 times that of sitting (3-6 METs), and the energy used in vigorous intensity activity is greater than 6 times (>6 METs).

A simple way to determine the intensity of your activity is using the Talk Test:

  • at a moderate intensity, you should be able to talk but not sing
  • at vigorous intensity, you should only be able to say a couple words before having to pause for a breath

For example, if you were to do 50 minutes of brisk walking, 40 minutes of pickleball, and 60 minutes of gardening in the course of a week, you would meet the WHO recommendations for activity to gain health benefits.

For other examples of moderate and vigorous activities, check out:

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