New Service – Sport Medicine

Starting this fall, Summit Sport Physiotherapy and Lifemark Health are proud to provide FCHS athletes and Coaches with an elite level of sport medicine support.

Athletes who develop stronger, smarter and more flexible muscles perform better.  We give your players the tools they need to be better performers.  When injuries do occur, we provide a comprehensive assessment, detailed treatment planning and a clear return to sport plan.

Athletes who understand their bodies, and how to care for them are more durable. Durable athletes gain more from teaching/ training and enjoy the game!

Learn more:  https://summitrehab.ca/sport-medicine/


Update: A talk on Concussion Management

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October 24th – 7:00pm

We are hosting a FREE seminar on Concussions in Sport Centennial Area in the Provincial Room

The Concussion update will be valuable for anyone involved in sport, Athletes, parents, coaches and trainers will hear the latest information on concussion assessment, treatment and return to sport.

Our speakers will include:

Dr. Eric Babins, M.D., C.C.F.P, Dip. Sport Med.                                                                                                                             &
Alissa Hemsley P.T. Concussion Physical Therapist

E-mail: logan@lifemark.ca to register or for more details

Here is some background on one of the speakers:

Dr.Eric Babins

Dr.Babins has been practicing Sport and Exercise Medicine since 1994. He sees patients of all ages with all types of sports injuries and musculoskeletal pain, ranging from acute sports injuries to osteoarthritis in active people of all ages. He does not treat patients who suffer from chronic pain syndromes (these patients should be referred to a Physiatrist).

He has treated both professional athletes and weekend warriors and has been the team physician for many local professional and amateur sports teams. Dr. Babins looks forward to helping you resume your usual level of recreational sport and activities. He accepts referrals for acute sports injuries, musculoskeletal pain, joint injections, vasectomy and circumcision.

Here is the work history of Dr Babins:

B.Sc. – McGill University 1980

M.Sc. – University of Toronto 1983

M.D. – University of Calgary 1988

C.C.F.P. – University of Calgary 1990

Dip. Sport Med. – Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine 1996

F.C.F.P. – Awarded 2005

C.A.C. – Sport and Exercise Medicine – College of Family Physicians of Canada – 2015

Clinical Associate Professor – University of Calgary, Dep’t. of Family Medicine

Family Medicine Teaching Award, Department of Family Medicine, University of Calgary (1997, 2013)

Team Physician:

Calgary Cannons Baseball Club (1998 – 2001)

Calgary Stampeders Football Club (1997 – 2001)

Calgary Hitmen Hockey Team – 2002 – present

Canada’s National Hockey Team (1994 – 2002)

Canadian Men’s World Championship Hockey Team (1996, 2000)

Canadian Men’s Olympic Hockey Team (1998)

Canadian Women’s Olympic Hockey Team (1998, 2002)

Chief Medical Officer, World Figure Skating Championships (Calgary, 2006)

Co-chairman, Medical Committee, CN Canadian Open, LPGA (Calgary, 1999)

Chief Medical Officer, Canadian Open, LPGA (Calgary, 1999, 2009, 2016)



Three Ways That Physiotherapy Helps with Concussion Recovery

To say that most people are unaware of the role physiotherapy plays in concussion management would be an understatement. I often receive confused looks when concussion patients step into my office, wondering how physio is going to somehow physically or magically whisk their concussion symptoms away.  The good news is physiotherapy really can help get your head right after a concussion.

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