Equestrian Rehabilitation

This is basically sport-specific retraining for riders of all disciplines, because of the very unique nature of equestrian sports, a specialized body of knowledge and specially adapted equipment is required. At Summit Sport Physiotherapy we have staff with very extensive knowledge of horses, riding, the musculo-skeletal requirements of both the horse and rider and how they function together. We have developed an ‘Equitrainer’ to assist riders with learning how to balance themselves and activate their muscles in optimal patterns that then allow the horse to balance and activate appropriately.

What Is an Equitrainer?

The ‘Equitrainer’ was designed at Summit Sport Physiotherapy and is a saddle stand on a platform that ‘wobbles’ in order to mimic the balance requirements of riding a horse. Various exercises to simulate the movement patterns required to ride effectively have been developed to help riders maximize their riding potential. A home program that involves both on and off horse exercises will be prescribed.

Are you a Candidate?

Riders of any discipline or level of competition/recreation that want to have improved communication with their horse and/or better riding ‘form’. Many riders have musculoskeletal imbalances as a result of ‘core muscle’ weakness or adaptation to past injuries or riding experiences. Horses are very sensitive and their movement faults or imbalances can often be caused by or worsened by their rider’s sub-optimal muscle activation patterns. Call our office and request an ‘Equestrian Assessment’ which will entail a one hour detailed assessment of your musculo-skeletal system and riding ‘style’. Some re-education and a riding-specific home program will also be provided at this time. Collaboration with coaches/trainers and/or ‘on-site’ visits may also be arranged.