Massage is a gentle ‘hands-on’ therapy that can relieve pain and improve movement by mobilizing the muscle, fascial & lymphatic tissue. by mobilizing the muscle and fascial tissue.  In combination with other health therapies, it can help to heal certain conditions, prevent their return. and reduce or eliminate the need for medication or surgery. Injuries from sport, motor vehicle accidents and repetitive actions and tension from everyday stresses can all cause pain or restrict movement.

Massage on healthy tissue is usually a pleasant sensation. Massage in the area of an injury or chronic pain may at first cause some discomfort, but your massage therapist knows how to work within what feels right for you and your body.

What are the positive effects of Massage?

Increases circulation which increases the oxygen flow to muscles and removes waste products 

Improves joint mobility and natural lubrication by relieving the muscle tension that restricts movement

Reduces swelling by gently moving fluid back into circulation

Reduces stress by relieving muscle tension and creating a feeling of ease in body and mind

Improves sleep quality, allowing the body to repair and restore itself.

Self Care Techniques

A benefit from massage session is learning how to release your own tension. Your massage therapist may teach you breathing techniques or therapeutic exercise to increase flexibility and create more efficient movements. You may also learn how to release tension by contracting and releasing muscles, pressing “trigger points”, or using ice and heat.