New Clients

Is this your First Visit?

We gather a detailed history of your concerns, previous treatments and tests.
We provide a comprehensive assessment including evaluation of your posture, spine motion, muscle flexibility, strength, balance and nerve function.
We provide a diagnosis of your condition.
We have a discussion of your needs, goals and development of a care plan.
We do a Initial treatment aimed at reducing pain / muscle spasm, restoring motion and improving strength.
We give you a home program to enable you to improve between visits.

New Client Intake Form

Please download then fill out your intake form before your first appointment to save time.


Click Here to Download Intake Form

What About Fees?

Physiotherapy fees vary with service required. Please contact us for details.
The services we provide are covered by most extended medical plans that include physiotherapy and or massage therapy. We can directly bill Alberta Blue Cross but for other programs payment is required at the time of service, but we provide official receipts that may be submitted to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.
For information on billing motor vehicle insurance companies, please contact our office.
Bring your information from your insurance company regarding whether you are covered within the “Diagnostics and Treatment Protocols” or not, would be beneficial.

Massage Therapy Fees?

These vary with the length of treatment that you require. Please contact us for this information.


Do I need a Doctors referral?

Physiotherapists are primary health care providers like Doctors or Dentists. However, some insurance companies may require a Doctor’s referral in order to reimburse costs.