Sandra Sokoloski – Okotoks – B.Sc.P.T., FCAMT, CGIMS, MClSc

The focus of the treatment I provide is restoring functional movement patterns for work, sport and daily life. I have been incorporating Somatics into my daily practice and am having tremendous success in helping people regain pain free ease of movement, even in very chronic condition

I graduated from the University of Alberta in 1991 and completed a clinical master’s degree in 2011. I pursued the advanced manual therapy designation and became an FCAMPT in 2000. Since then I have completed the Gunn IMS course (2006) and have training in capnography. In addition I am an instructor, mentor and examiner within in the National Orthopaedic system.

I have a special interest in complex spinal conditions and will often use real-time ultrasound to further assess and help retrain core muscle activation. Treating equestrian riders to help them move and ride more effectively is a passion of mine.  I have developed specialized equestrian exercise equipment to assist with improving rider biomechanics and provide clinics, lessons and seminars for riders. My clients ride in various disciplines, from amateur to Olympic levels, in Canada and the USA.

(see for more information regarding equestrian rehabilitation).

In my spare time I enjoy riding my horse and competing in show jumping.  I enjoy pilates, gardening, hiking, skiing and listening to live music.