Sport Medicine

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Performance – Care – Prevention


Summit Sport Physiotherapy and Lifemark Health are proud to provide your organization, athletes and Coaches with an elite level of sport medicine support.

Athletes who develop stronger, smarter and more flexible muscles perform better.  We give your players the tools they need to be better performers.  When injuries do occur, we provide a comprehensive assessment, detailed treatment planning and a clear return to sport plan.

Athletes who understand their bodies, and how to care for them are more durable. Durable athletes gain more from teaching/ training and enjoy the game!


  • Sound movement mechanics maximize training gains while minimizing injury risk
  • Knowledge and skills for self-care foster maximal training volume and quality
  • Awareness of body response to training is valuable across sports and years
  • Fostering awareness and responsibility for self-care promotes life long active living



Our team of Sport Medicine Physicians, Physical Therapists, Kinesiologists, and diagnostic imaging specialists will offer your association:

  • Fast and direct access to an assessment of sport-related injuries
  • Prompt communication with parents, coaches, team trainer & family doctor outlining:
    • A clear description of the nature of the injury
    • Treatment plan
    • Booking for more advanced testing or assessment (if required)
    • Time frames for safe return to training and competition
  • Sport-specific return to play planning and testing
  • Specialized assessment and treatment of concussion
  • Performance education including sport nutrition, muscle care, and hydration
  • Support of your team safety staff surrounding;
    • Pre-season health questionnaire reviews
    • Review of team emergency procedures


Performance / Prevention:

  • Team Talks to provide self care knowledge and skills including:
    • Sport Nutrition
    • Hydration
    • Muscle balancing and maintenance
    • Basic movement mechanics
    • Concussion awareness
  • Integration of self care strategies into team’s year training program


Coach / Parent Education:

  • Integration of sport performance / safety information into your organizations website
  • Regular Email program for your organizations families


Pre-season planning for the integration of these services into your program is key to ensure your athletes get the best care.

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