Workplace Wellness

If you are not healthy you don’t get the most out of life. Often people think of health as simply the absence of disease or sickness. However it is helpful to view health, or wellness as a dynamic interaction between your body, mind and spirit. Our state of wellness is affected by decisions we make regarding our work, recreation, and lifestyle. Credible information and effective support can help individuals restore or enhance their well being.

Why Invest in Wellness?

Although health “care” was once considered a personal matter companies are finding many benefits of encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, staff retention and reduced medical costs are all documented benefits of Workplace Wellness programs. The office environment can also provide an opportunity for likeminded individuals to support each other in making positive health changes.

How Do You Start a Wellness Program?

It is important to designate an individual or group to champion your wellness initiative within your organization. We then meet with management and your wellness group to design your program.

Key questions include:

What is the level of interest in health and wellness related issues?
How do we find out what our groups interests are?
Effective and efficient methods of program delivery (seminary, newsletter, activity groups, evening events)
Benchmarks for program success
Evaluation and feedback mechanisms
Budget and accounting
What Does a Workplace Wellness Program Contain?

Your program is tailored to the needs and interests of your organization.

Some common elements include:

Personal health ownership and goal setting
Active living and safe exercise
Nutrition and weight reduction
Stress management
Office ergonomics (posture, stretching, workstation setup)

How much will this cost?

Total cost depends on the scope and content of your program. Delivery is billed at the rate of $150.00/hr. Research has consistently shown that employers save $1.60 for every dollar invested in staff health education.

How is the program delivered?

Depending on the content a variety of approaches can be used including:

Lunch & Learn Lectures
Noon hour activity groups (e.g. walking, yoga, fitness centre)
Small group seminars (six participants explore issues with a facilitator in an informal setting)
Retreats/Field trips (Staff commit to focused time for wellness education away from the workplace.)

But what if we are too small / busy for a big wellness program?

The scope and cost of your program depends on your needs. We can provide an enriching, entertaining program for a small group with specific needs or a large firm with diverse interests.